Dalby Drone Industry Forum is on Monday!


A final reminder that the Dalby Drone Industry Forum is happening this Monday. The event is co-hosted by the Western Downs Regional Council along with the Queensland Government and is supported by the UAV Challenge. The inaugural forum in 2016 attracted hundreds of people from around the country for an insider’s look into the fast-paced world of drone technology and development. The UAV Challenge is a supporter of this free event. If you are planning to come to the UAV Challenge, then please consider attending the industry forum too. Full details, including the list of speakers and topics, can be found here.

How to follow the UAV Challenge


Teams are starting to arrive for the 2018 UAV Challenge events.

The UAV Challenge starts on Monday and teams have already begun to arrive. Teams are descending on Dalby from around the world. We are expecting teams from Canada, Poland, The Netherlands, Thailand, India, USA, South Korea and Australia. For some teams it will be their first visit to a UAV Challenge, but others are familiar faces and have returned to try and scoop the grand prize of $75,000 in the Medical Express event.

Everyone is welcome to come and watch the event in Dalby. There is plenty of parking and it is free to attend. You can see the full schedule here. To follow the event live, please Follow or Like the UAV Challenge Live Facebook Page. That Page will have very frequent posts to keep you up-to-date with all of the action. You can also follow along on Twitter.

See you from Dalby next week!

Event Co-Organiser: QUT | Australian Centre for Robotic Vision


The UAV Challenge was co-founded and is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and CSIRO. Without the constant support of QUT, the UAV Challenge would not be the success it is today.

QUT is the headquarters of The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision and this year the Centre is supporting the UAV Challenge events from QUT.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision leads the world in the new discipline of robotic vision, applying computer vision to robotics. While robotics is about machines that interact with the physical world, computer vision is about analysing and understanding the world through images. Robotic Vision expands the capabilities of robots, allowing them to see and understand the world in which they are working. We believe it is the key technology that will allow robotics to change the way we live and work.

The Centre is already looking to apply it’s technologies to solve real challenges in the monitoring and protection of the natural and built environments, the provision of healthcare in hospitals and in the home, sustainable food production, and efficiently harnessing our natural resources.

Event Co-Organiser: Data61 | CSIRO


The UAV Challenge was co-founded and is co-organised by CSIRO’s Data61 and QUT. Without the constant support of CSIRO, the UAV Challenge would not be the success it is today.

Data61 is Australia’s digital innovation powerhouse. The world is changing, fast. We are in the throes of shifting to a new economic structure, an evidence-based world, where data underpins our decision making. In the past two years more data was produced globally than in all of history. The volume continues to grow exponentially, resulting in massive economic and societal disruption.

At Data61, we are creating our data-driven future. By combining the expertise of the CSIRO Digital Productivity and NICTA teams, we are building the world’s leading data-focused research and innovation powerhouse. A CSIRO entity, Data61 provides a network of capabilities, addressing key growth areas for a data-focused world including: Autonomous systems, Computer vision, Data analytics, Digital economy, Machine learning, Mobile systems, Optimisation, Software systems, Wireless and networks.

Queensland Government – Gold Sponsor for the 2018 UAV Challenge


The UAV Challenge Organisers are grateful to the Queensland Government for their Gold Sponsorship of the 2018 UAV Challenge. The high-school competition next week will be known as the Queensland Government Airborne Delivery Challenge 2018.

The Queensland Government was a foundation partner of the UAV Challenge in 2007 and have supported our events ever since. We really could not have developed the UAV Challenge into the success it has become without the Queensland Government. This year the sponsorship of the government comes from the Departments of Science, Information Technology and Innovation; Natural Resources and Mines, and Defence Industries Queensland, within the Department of State Development. The government is helping Queensland maintain its position as a major hub for aviation and aerospace activity, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Thanks to the Queensland Government!

Defence Science and Technology – Gold sponsors of the 2018 UAV Challenge


The UAV Challenge organisers are grateful for the Gold sponsorship of Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group for the 2018 UAV Challenge. Defence Science and Technology (DST) is part of Australia’s Department of Defence. It is the second largest public-funded R&D organisation in Australia. DST is a national leader in safeguarding Australia by delivering valued scientific advice and innovative solutions for Defence and national security. DST has been a past sponsor of the UAV Challenge and their continued support is very much welcomed. You can learn more about what DST does from their website here.

Insitu Pacific and Boeing – Gold sponsors of the 2018 UAV Challenge


The UAV Challenge organisers are grateful for the Gold sponsorship of Insitu Pacific and Boeing Research & Technology-Australia (BR&T-Australia) 2018 UAV Challenge. Boeing and Insitu Pacific were foundation partners and later sponsors of the UAV Challenge series of event. They have provided considerable technical input into the UAV Challenge over the years and run STEM activities for the high-school students during the competition days. Insitu Pacific also sponsor the Airmanship Awards at the UAV Challenge events. We are extremely grateful for their continued support.