Mojave Hawks win the 2019 Queensland Government Airborne Delivery Challenge


The winners and place getters.

The 2019 UAV Challenge event concluded today in Calvert, Queensland, Australia, and the Winners of the Queensland Government Airborne Delivery Challenge were the Mojave Hawks from Pete Knight High School in California. The competition was incredibly close this year with the top four teams being separated by just 2.8 points with the winners scoring 92.4 points. Second place went to the Rescue Raccoons from Mueller College from Rothwell, Queensland. And third place went to the Wrong Brothers, a team from Marist College Ashgrove, Queensland.


The final scores and standings

The weather was fantastic and perfect for flying. All teams competed with an excellent spirit, even when some had crashes – a few into the hurdles that are a famous part of the Airborne Delivery Challenge. The new Innovation Award went to the Wrong Brothers team for their use of robotic vision onboard their UAV. The Insitu Pacific Airmanship Award went to Canberra UAV Junior Team, for demonstrating how to come back from major technical issues, dusting themselves off and continuing to compete in a professional way.


Insitu Pacific Airmanship Award winners Canberra UAV Junior (left) and the Innovation Award winners The Wrong Brothers (right).

The organisers of the UAV Challenge want to thanks all the teams, their teachers and mentors and their families for all their efforts in taking part in our event. A special thanks also to all the volunteers and staff that make the UAV Challenge possible.

The UAV Challenge in 2019 and 2020 is supported and sponsored by the Queensland Government, Insitu Pacific and Boeing, Northrop Grumman, the Australian Government’s Department of Defence, CASA, the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, Nova Systems and QinetiQ. It is co-organised by CSIRO’s Data61 and the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The 2019 UAV Challenge kicks off in Calvert

The 2019 UAV Challenge event started today in Calvert, Queensland, Australia. This year the event is a high-school only Airborne Delivery Challenge competition. Teams from around Australia and around the World are invited to develop and demonstrate a UAV-based system to deliver Outback Joe lifesaving medical supplies. This year we had 14 teams qualify for the event including teams from Queensland, the ACT and California.


The Marvels (left) and the Mojave Hawks (right)

The day started, as do all UAV Challenge events, with a briefing before teams took it in turns to present their proposed solutions to Aerospace industry judges. Teams were also scrutineered to ensure their aircraft were safe and the remote pilots in charge were capable of flying safely. The judges and scrutineers work hard all day and by about 2pm it was clear from the progress scores that this is going to be a tight competition this year.


The Wrong Brothers (left) and progress scores (right)

The rain that had greeted teams on their arrival cleared by lunchtime and competition flying began. By the end of the day, six teams had flown their first missions, leaving 8 teams to complete their first flights tomorrow morning. With a bit of luck, all teams will get a chance for a second flight tomorrow too.

The UAV Challenge in 2019 and 2020 is supported and sponsored by the Queensland Government, Insitu Pacific and Boeing, Northrop Grumman, the Australian Government’s Department of Defence, CASA, the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, Nova Systems and QinetiQ. It is co-organised by CSIRO’s Data61 and the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Event Co-Organiser: Data61 | CSIRO

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 2.06.27 pm

The UAV Challenge was co-founded and is co-organised by CSIRO’s Data61 and QUT. Without the constant support of CSIRO, the UAV Challenge would not be the success it is today.

CSIRO’s Data61 is Australia’s data innovation network that transforms existing industries and creates new ones through the application of science and technology. As an applied R&D partner, Data61’s capabilities range from cybersecurity, confidential computing, IoT, robotics, machine learning and analytics, software and programming to behavioural sciences and more.

Event Co-Organiser: QUT | Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

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The UAV Challenge was co-founded and is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and CSIRO. Without the constant support of QUT, the UAV Challenge would not be the success it is today.

QUT is the headquarters of The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision and this year the Centre is supporting the UAV Challenge events from QUT.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision leads the world in the new discipline of robotic vision, applying computer vision to robotics. While robotics is about machines that interact with the physical world, computer vision is about analysing and understanding the world through images. Robotic Vision expands the capabilities of robots, allowing them to see and understand the world in which they are working. We believe it is the key technology that will allow robotics to change the way we live and work.

The Centre is already looking to apply it’s technologies to solve real challenges in the monitoring and protection of the natural and built environments, the provision of healthcare in hospitals and in the home, sustainable food production, and efficiently harnessing our natural resources.

Queensland Government – Gold Supporter for the 2019 UAV Challenge


The UAV Challenge Organisers are grateful to the Queensland Government for their support of the 2019 UAV Challenge. The high-school competition this coming weekend will be known as the Queensland Government Airborne Delivery Challenge 2019.

The Queensland Government was a foundation partner of the UAV Challenge in 2007 and have supported our events ever since. We really could not have developed the UAV Challenge into the success it has become without the Queensland Government.

The Queensland Government’s Departments of Science, Information Technology and Innovation; Natural Resources and Mines, and Defence Industries Queensland, within the Department of State Development, support Queensland-based innovation. The government is helping Queensland maintain its position as a major hub for aviation and aerospace activity, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Recognising the importance of UAS development for both military and commercial use, the Queensland Government has played a prominent role in developing UAS research in Australia. It has done so through its support of the Aerospace Autonomy Group within the Science and Engineering Faculty (formerly the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation), the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (formerly the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Australia), the Smart Skies initiative and Project ResQu.


Insitu Pacific and Boeing – Gold sponsors of the 2019 UAV Challenge

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.29.14 am

The UAV Challenge organisers are grateful for the Gold sponsorship of Insitu Pacific and Boeing Research & Technology-Australia (BR&T-Australia) 2019 UAV Challenge. Boeing and Insitu Pacific were foundation partners and later sponsors of the UAV Challenge series of event. They have provided considerable technical input into the UAV Challenge over the years and run STEM activities for the high-school students during the competition days. Insitu Pacific also sponsor the Airmanship Awards at the UAV Challenge events. We are extremely grateful for their continued support.

Insitu Pacific is an industry-leading provider of Unmanned Systems solutions including Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Insitu Pacific provides a comprehensive set of unmanned systems, services and data products to ensure our customers achieve the tailored information solution they require.

Insitu is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Boeing Research & Technology-Australia (BR&T-Australia) was established in March 2008 to provide a centralised research and development (R&D) organisation for Boeing’s in-country businesses and serve as a focal point for collaboration with Australian R&D organisations. BR&T-Australia brings the best of Boeing technology to business pursuits in Australia by reducing technical risks on current programs and providing innovative technologies that enable the development of future aerospace solutions while improving the cycle time, cost, quality and performance of current aerospace systems.

Northrop Grumman – Gold sponsor of the 2019 UAV Challenge


The UAV Challenge organisers gratefully acknowledge the Gold sponsorship of Northrop Grumman for the 2019 UAV Challenge. Northrop Grumman have been a key supporter of the UAV Challenge and their continued support is great to see. As a leading producer of unmanned systems, Northrop Grumman supports multiple education initiatives designed to create interest and opportunities for students from around the world to learn more about engineering, science and math that makes these technologies possible. Learn more about the company’s innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cyber, C4ISR, and logistics and modernization at