Day 2 of UAV Challenge Week 2018


A windy overnight “flying” incident (left), the team currently known as {insert_team_name_here} take to the field (right).

We all had a huge day out at Dalby Model Aero Club today. There was wind, rain, lightning and some great flying by our high-school teams. We always knew that Day 2 would be a complicated day. The day was planned as the flying day for the Airborne Delivery Challenge and the scrutineering day for the Medical Express Challenge.

Teams and organisers arrived to find that the overnight wind had done a bit of damage to the small tents we use to shield the competitors and judges. The wind conditions were above the limit set out in the Airborne Delivery rules and so the high-school teams had to wait until mid-morning when the wind finally dropped and they could fly.


MUROC Titans doing their pre-flight checks (left), Precision Air with super star Outback Joe (right).

First up were {insert_team_name_here}, High Flyers and Dickson sUAVé. All of them did a great job considering the long wind delay. It was great to see some auto dropping of the Impact Monitor to Outback Joe. MUROC Titans were up next but their flight was interrupted by rain and the competition was paused for nearly three hours while the Dalby region got a well-needed soaking (7mm). The Titans started again after the delay and managed three drops using a novel winch-like delivery mechanism. The team from Aragon High School in California came out next, followed by Precision Air from Noosa District High School. And then the wind returned. We called it a day and will be back to fly the remaining six teams first thing in the morning (Southwest Aircorp, Team Hybrid, Millennium Falcons, PHS Falcons, Sky High and Blue Birds).


Team Dhaksha from India (left) and the judges interviewing High Flyers – Academic Scientific Association team (right)

In the Medical Express Challenge, the teams arrived and set up their aircraft ready for scrutineering and their interview with the judges. We have eleven teams competing this year and all have now arrived. The scrutineers and judges had a very long but productive day checking the UAVs and quizzing the teams to ensure that everything is ready to go for the flights over the next few days. This is the first year that the UAV Challenge Medical Express event is operating officially as a Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operation.

The running order for the Medical Express teams is:

Monash UAS
High Flyers
Canberra UAV
West Coast UAV
MelAvio Avionics Club
Forward Robotics
MAVlab TUDelft
Griffin UAV
Team Dhaksha

Tomorrow we hope that the weather will be far kinder and we will complete the Airborne Delivery Challenge and start the competition flights for Medical Express. It is going to be another busy day for Outback Joe.

Day 1 of UAV Challenge Week 2018


The Dalby sky never gets boring.

What a great day out at Dalby Model Aero Club! We have just completed the first day of our week at the UAV Challenge in Dalby, Queensland. The day was devoted to the Airborne Delivery Challenge students. This year the teams come from the USA, South Korea and Australia. Each team presented to the judges and had their UAVs and ground control systems inspected by the scrutineers. They got to do some test flying too.


The MUROC Titans (left) and Outback Joe (right).

After Day 1, the competition is very close. Teams score points for the quality of their technical reports, presentations and how well they did during the static scrutineering. At this point, Aragon High School are in the lead, with the team known as {insert_team_name_here} and the MUROC Titans closely behind.


Tomorrow will be a big day with the competition flights of the Airborne Delivery Challenge teams and the arrival and scrutineering of the Medical Express teams.


Dickson sUAVé (left) and Paola and Mina, two team members from Sky High (right).

Remember that you can follow the UAV Challenge via the UAV Challenge Live Facebook Page.

The UAV Challenge is sponsored by the Queensland Government, Insitu Pacific and Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Australia, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and MathWorks. It is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (supported by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision) and CSIRO’s Data61.

UAV Challenge week starts tomorrow

The 2018 UAV Challenge week begins tomorrow in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. We have a very big week planned with the Airborne Delivery Challenge up first. High-school teams from around the world will aim to save Outback Joe with their UAVs. The students will present to the judges Monday and perform their competition flights on Tuesday. The Airborne Delivery Teams are as follows:

Aragon High School (Aragon High School, California, USA)
Bluebirds (William J. “Pete” Knight High School, California, USA)
Dickson sUAVe (Dickson College, ACT, Australia)
High Flyers (Rochdale State High School, Queensland, Australia)
{insert_team_name_here} (William J. “Pete” Knight High School, California, USA)
Millennium Falcon (California, USA)
MUROC Titans (Mueller College, Queensland, USA)
PHS Falcons (Palmdale High School, California, USA)
Precision Air (Noosa District High School, Queensland, Australia)
Sky High (William J. “Pete” Knight High School, California, USA)
Southwest Aircorp team (North London Collegiate School Jeju, South Korea)
Team Hybrid (iLEAD Lancaster Charter School, California, USA)

We know that most of the adult teams have already arrived in Dalby for the Medical Express event that will begin on Tuesday. Those teams will be aiming to complete one of the most challenging aerial robotics competitions ever devised. The first team will attempt the mission starting early Wednesday morning. The Medical Express Teams are as follows:

Canberra UAV (Australia)
Forward Robotics (Canada)
Griffin UAV (Thailand)
High Flyers (Poland)
ISAAC UAV (Thailand)
JetStream (Poland)
MAVlab TUDelft (The Netherlands)
MelAvio Avionics Club (Poland)
Monash UAS (Australia)
Team Dhaksha (India)
West Coast UAV (Australia)

Everyone is welcome to come and watch the events. Entry is free and there is plenty of parking. The UAV Challenge 2018 events will be held at the Dalby Model Aero Club, 743 Cecil Plains Road, Dalby, Queensland, Australia.

UAVC 2018 Schedule 20180822

The UAV Challenge is sponsored by the Queensland Government, Insitu Pacific and Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Australia, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and MathWorks. It is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (supported by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision) and CSIRO’s Data61.

Dalby Drone Industry Forum is on Monday!


A final reminder that the Dalby Drone Industry Forum is happening this Monday. The event is co-hosted by the Western Downs Regional Council along with the Queensland Government and is supported by the UAV Challenge. The inaugural forum in 2016 attracted hundreds of people from around the country for an insider’s look into the fast-paced world of drone technology and development. The UAV Challenge is a supporter of this free event. If you are planning to come to the UAV Challenge, then please consider attending the industry forum too. Full details, including the list of speakers and topics, can be found here.

How to follow the UAV Challenge


Teams are starting to arrive for the 2018 UAV Challenge events.

The UAV Challenge starts on Monday and teams have already begun to arrive. Teams are descending on Dalby from around the world. We are expecting teams from Canada, Poland, The Netherlands, Thailand, India, USA, South Korea and Australia. For some teams it will be their first visit to a UAV Challenge, but others are familiar faces and have returned to try and scoop the grand prize of $75,000 in the Medical Express event.

Everyone is welcome to come and watch the event in Dalby. There is plenty of parking and it is free to attend. You can see the full schedule here. To follow the event live, please Follow or Like the UAV Challenge Live Facebook Page. That Page will have very frequent posts to keep you up-to-date with all of the action. You can also follow along on Twitter.

See you from Dalby next week!

Event Co-Organiser: QUT | Australian Centre for Robotic Vision


The UAV Challenge was co-founded and is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and CSIRO. Without the constant support of QUT, the UAV Challenge would not be the success it is today.

QUT is the headquarters of The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision and this year the Centre is supporting the UAV Challenge events from QUT.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision leads the world in the new discipline of robotic vision, applying computer vision to robotics. While robotics is about machines that interact with the physical world, computer vision is about analysing and understanding the world through images. Robotic Vision expands the capabilities of robots, allowing them to see and understand the world in which they are working. We believe it is the key technology that will allow robotics to change the way we live and work.

The Centre is already looking to apply it’s technologies to solve real challenges in the monitoring and protection of the natural and built environments, the provision of healthcare in hospitals and in the home, sustainable food production, and efficiently harnessing our natural resources.