2020 Medical Rescue Teams

Below are the details of teams that are currently taking part in the Medical Rescue event in Dalby 2020. These are the teams that passed the Go/No-Go Deliverable 1. [Note: this list is not complete are there are a number of teams that have requested not to be listed at this time or whose participation is not yet fully confirmed]

ABES Engineering College (India)
Aerial Robotics Club at NC State (USA)
Aldora (Spain)
AS Works (Canada)
Beam UAV (Australia)
Cairo University UDC (Egypt)
Canberra UAV (Australia)
Flight Labs UNSW (Australia)
Flow Design Team (Croatia)
Forward Robotics (Canada)
GriffinUAV (Thailand)
High Flyers (Poland)
ISAAC UAV (Thailand)
JetStream (Poland)
MAVlab TUDelft (The Netherlands)
MelAvio (Poland)
Monash Unmanned Aerial Systems (Australia)
NDVI Drone (Thailand)
OnPointUAS (Australia)
Pegasus (Thailand)
Phone It In (Australia)
PolyU Pharos (Hong Kong)
QUT Aero (Australia)
Rescue Dragons (India)
RhinoHawk UAV (USA)
RMIT Mighty Morphin Flying Rangers (Australia)
SRM UAV (India)
Sutherland Shire UAV (Australia)
Sydney RPAs (Australia)
TDIH (Australia)
Team Blaze (India)
Team Dhaksha (India)
Team Icarus (UAE)
Team Kalpana (India)
Team Pigeon (Australia)
Team Retired (Australia)
Team Rocket (Australia)
Team UAV (India)
UAS-DTU (India)
UASyd (Australia)
West Coast UAV (Australia)
WUThrust (Poland)