2020 Medical Rescue FAQ


This is where we post FAQs and answers. Please email questions to uavchallenge@gmail.com

Q1. What is the allowable release height (of another UAV or ground vehicle) at the Remote Accident Site as the Transit Aircraft may not go below 100ft if it is not to land and the landing vehicle may not go over 100ft?

A1. A Transit Aircraft may decent below 100ft AGL to deploy a Non-transit Aircraft or Ground Vehicle during the deployment manoeuvre. The Rules were updated (from V2 onwards) to reflect this.

Q2. Can a transit aircraft land and then the non-transit aircraft take off from it to enter the shed?

A2. Yes.

Q3. If we deploy a very small UAV from the Transit Aircraft, does it need to comply with the Flight Termination requirements?

A3. Yes. All aircraft, no matter what their size, must comply.

Q4. Do teams need to get an aerial image of the Remote Accident Site back to their Ground Control Station for assessment?

A4. Section 1.2.5 of the rules Locating Joe’s Shed, outlines the requirement of teams to indicate to Judges and Range Marshals where they determine the target shed to be. The preferred method for this is for teams to show on their GCS what they consider to be Joe’s shed.

Q5. Do teams need to make an assessment of the area around the shed prior to landing, deploying other vehicles or entering the shed?

A5. It is possible that the farm will contain large farm equipment that has been recently parked in the vicinity of the shed. It is hence advisable that teams have a method to assess the area for this. This could be automated and be on-board the aircraft, or it could be done via human assessment via an image.