Dates and location set for 2020 UAV Challenge events


UAV Challenge organisers are pleased to announce that the 2020 High-School Airborne Delivery Challenge will be held alongside the 2020 UAV Challenge Medical Rescue in Dalby, Queensland. The events will take place in the week beginning September 28, 2020. The Airborne Delivery Challenge event will run from Monday 28 to Tuesday 29 September and the Medical Rescue event will start on Tuesday 29 September and run through to Friday 2 October (this schedule has a built in bad weather contingency day).

The rules for the Airborne Delivery Challenge will be released in the coming weeks. Version 5 of the rules for Medical Rescue competition are now available here.

The venue will be held at the Dalby Model Aero Club, 743 Cecil Plains Road, Dalby, Queensland, Australia.

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