Day 1 of UAV Challenge Week 2018


The Dalby sky never gets boring.

What a great day out at Dalby Model Aero Club! We have just completed the first day of our week at the UAV Challenge in Dalby, Queensland. The day was devoted to the Airborne Delivery Challenge students. This year the teams come from the USA, South Korea and Australia. Each team presented to the judges and had their UAVs and ground control systems inspected by the scrutineers. They got to do some test flying too.


The MUROC Titans (left) and Outback Joe (right).

After Day 1, the competition is very close. Teams score points for the quality of their technical reports, presentations and how well they did during the static scrutineering. At this point, Aragon High School are in the lead, with the team known as {insert_team_name_here} and the MUROC Titans closely behind.


Tomorrow will be a big day with the competition flights of the Airborne Delivery Challenge teams and the arrival and scrutineering of the Medical Express teams.


Dickson sUAVé (left) and Paola and Mina, two team members from Sky High (right).

Remember that you can follow the UAV Challenge via the UAV Challenge Live Facebook Page.

The UAV Challenge is sponsored by the Queensland Government, Insitu Pacific and Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Australia, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and MathWorks. It is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (supported by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision) and CSIRO’s Data61.

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