UAV Challenge week starts tomorrow

The 2018 UAV Challenge week begins tomorrow in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. We have a very big week planned with the Airborne Delivery Challenge up first. High-school teams from around the world will aim to save Outback Joe with their UAVs. The students will present to the judges Monday and perform their competition flights on Tuesday. The Airborne Delivery Teams are as follows:

Aragon High School (Aragon High School, California, USA)
Bluebirds (William J. “Pete” Knight High School, California, USA)
Dickson sUAVe (Dickson College, ACT, Australia)
High Flyers (Rochdale State High School, Queensland, Australia)
{insert_team_name_here} (William J. “Pete” Knight High School, California, USA)
Millennium Falcon (California, USA)
MUROC Titans (Mueller College, Queensland, USA)
PHS Falcons (Palmdale High School, California, USA)
Precision Air (Noosa District High School, Queensland, Australia)
Sky High (William J. “Pete” Knight High School, California, USA)
Southwest Aircorp team (North London Collegiate School Jeju, South Korea)
Team Hybrid (iLEAD Lancaster Charter School, California, USA)

We know that most of the adult teams have already arrived in Dalby for the Medical Express event that will begin on Tuesday. Those teams will be aiming to complete one of the most challenging aerial robotics competitions ever devised. The first team will attempt the mission starting early Wednesday morning. The Medical Express Teams are as follows:

Canberra UAV (Australia)
Forward Robotics (Canada)
Griffin UAV (Thailand)
High Flyers (Poland)
ISAAC UAV (Thailand)
JetStream (Poland)
MAVlab TUDelft (The Netherlands)
MelAvio Avionics Club (Poland)
Monash UAS (Australia)
Team Dhaksha (India)
West Coast UAV (Australia)

Everyone is welcome to come and watch the events. Entry is free and there is plenty of parking. The UAV Challenge 2018 events will be held at the Dalby Model Aero Club, 743 Cecil Plains Road, Dalby, Queensland, Australia.

UAVC 2018 Schedule 20180822

The UAV Challenge is sponsored by the Queensland Government, Insitu Pacific and Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Australia, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and MathWorks. It is co-organised by Queensland University of Technology (supported by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision) and CSIRO’s Data61.

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