Deliverable 2 decisions for Medical Express 2016

The UAV Challenge Technical Committee has reviewed the Deliverable 2 documents and videos and today have sent their decisions to the teams. Twenty-five teams submitted D2s. Of those, 10 were given a “Go” decision and continue to the Deliverable 3 checkpoint. Another 13 teams were given an “Improve and resubmit” decision and if their resubmissions (due in two weeks) are acceptable they will also continue on. Finally, two teams were given “No-go” decisions. The Technical Committee are excited by the proposed mission solutions that they reviewed and look forward to receiving Deliverable 3 documents on August 10. Good luck to the remaining teams as they continue their development and testing.


One thought on “Deliverable 2 decisions for Medical Express 2016

  1. Hello Medical Express Organizers,

    We at Team RhinoHawk are excited to be participating in this great competition. We have not received any response regarding our deliverable 2. I apologize if this email is ahead of the notification letters, but our team is eager to know how we fared.

    Thank you for your efforts and review of this matter,

    Team RhinoHawk


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