LightWare expands their laser rangefinder sponsorship

Due to the tremendous success of the recently launched SF11/C, LightWare Optoelectronics now offers this product as part of their equipment sponsorship of the 2016 UAV Challenge Medical Express.

Contestants successfully passing Deliverable 2 can now choose between the faster SF10/B (32 Hz, 50 m) or the longer range SF11/C (16 Hz, 120 m).

“The SF11/C’s adoption by the market has been phenomenal and we’ve had fantastic market feedback from users.” Says James Portman, CEO of LightWare. “We hope participating teams will benefit from this remarkable product in their quest to save Outback Joe.”

LightWare is sponsoring twenty laser rangefinders, one to each of the first twenty teams successfully passing the Deliverable 2 gate. First-come, first-served: eligible teams must email LightWare directly to claim their rangefinder after May 1st 00:00 UTC.

LightWare wishes all participating teams the best for this challenging event.

Email: Web: Phone: +27 12 942 0408


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