Deliverable 3 decisions for Medical Express 2018

ME-qualifiersThe UAV Challenge Technical Committee has reviewed the Deliverable 3 documents and videos and today have sent their decisions to the teams. Thirteen teams are still in the competition with all of those teams receiving Go decisions by the Technical Committee. This is a record number of teams passing the D3 milestone. Three teams were given No-Go decisions. The teams that qualified come from Australia (3), Poland (3), Thailand (2), The Netherlands, Canada, India, Pakistan and China.

The list of teams (In alphabetical order) is as follows:

CanberraUAV (Australia)
Forward Robotics (Canada)
GHC UAV Club (China)
Griffin UAV (Thailand)
High Flyers (Poland)
ISAAC UAV (Thailand)
JetStream (Poland)
LUMS UAV (Pakistan)
MAVlab TUDelft (Netherlands)
MelAvio (Poland)
Monash UAS (Australia)
West Coast UAV (Australia)

The Technical Committee are excited by the quality of the teams progressing and look forward to an excellent competition in Dalby.

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