Medical Express 2018: Rules update


The UAV Challenge Technical Committee today announced that version 2 of the rules for the 2018 UAV Challenge Medical Express competition are now available on the Medical Express Page. A full list of changes to the rules can be found on page 5 of v2 of the rules document. Changes include the introduction of an Emergency-Landing Target. The FAQ for the competition has also been updated. We hope that teams are progressing with their designs. A reminder that the Team Registration and Deliverable 1 deadline is 30th August 2017.

2 thoughts on “Medical Express 2018: Rules update

  1. Hi,

    The rule 3.1.1. says: “6. Each aircraft must have continuous telemetry radio communication with the UAV Controller..”.

    Would a permanent data link (e.g. tcp/ip via 3G/4G mobile provider) be considered acceptable by this rule?



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