UAV Challenge 2016 – ten years of the challenge

Did you know that 2016 is the tenth year of the UAV Challenge. Our series of competitions began in 2007 with the first combined UAV Challenge Outback Rescue and Airborne Delivery Challenge event in Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia. Since then over 2,000 team members have attended UAV Challenge events. 2016 will be the biggest year yet for the UAV Challenge with two weeks of competitions in two towns. The high-school Airborne Delivery Challenge will take place from 20 September 2016 in Calvert near Ipswich. Then the following week, the inaugural Medical Express event will take place in Dalby. Make sure that you stay tuned into the action, announcements and progress. Its going to be a great year!


A UAV prepares to take off at the first UAV Challenge Outback Rescue competition in 2007.


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