2018 Medical Express Teams

Below are the details of teams that are currently taking part in the Medical Express event in Dalby September 2018. These are the teams that passed the Go/No-Go Deliverable 1. Each team is currently developing their system and preparing their Deliverable 2 document and video. [Note: If you are a team and want your links updated, please email uavchallenge@gmail.com]

Sutherland Shire UAV (Australia) [web|facebook]
CREATE UAS (Australia) [web|facebook]
West Coast UAV (Australia) [web|facebook]
Monash Unmanned Aerial Systems (Australia) [web|facebook]
CanberraUAV (Australia) [web|facebook]
auPilot Project (Australia) [web]
UNSW Canberra UAV Team (Australia) [facebook]
EMU UAV (Australia) [facebook]
Make-Create (Australia) [web|facebook]
PerthUAV (Australia) [web|facebook]
Duct a l’Orange (Australia)
OnPointUAS (Australia)
Peak UAV (Australia)
Sydney RPAs (Australia)
CargoCopter (Belgium) [web|facebook]
Forward Robotics (Canada) [web]
Flow Design (Croatia) [web]
ZC-UAV (Egypt) [facebook]
LCA-2018 (France & USA)
Mavericks UAS (India) [facebook]
DHAKSHA (India) [web]
SRM UAV (India) [web|facebook]
Happy Landings (India) [web]
Aero BMSCE (India) [facebook]
ASTRA AERO (India) [facebook|youtube]
Praveg (India) [facebook]
Team Phoenix (India)
Azucorp Technologies (Kenya) [web]
Team ASR (Kenya) [web]
MAVlab TUDelft (Netherlands) [web|facebook]
Mercury UAV (New Zealand)
LUMS UAV (Pakistan) [facebook]
AKL Aero Design Poznan (Poland) [web|facebook]
MelAvio (Poland) [web|facebook]
JetStream (Poland) [facebook]
High Flyers (Poland) [web|facebook]
GUAV (Poland) [facebook]
WUThrust (Poland)
Aldora (Spain)
ISAAC UAV (Thailand) [facebook]
PEGASUS (Thailand)
GRIFFIN UAV (Thailand)
Team Turkkusu (Turkey) [facebook]
Equal Experts (UK) [web]
RhinoHawk UAV (USA) [web|facebook|instagram]
Stollmeyer Technologies (USA) [web]
Medibuzz (USA) [twitter]
Aerial Robotics Club at NC State University (USA) [web]
Triangle UAS (USA) [web]
TripleThreat (USA)
ARC – Aeronautics Research Cooperative (USA)
Cybirds (USA)